The Foundation was created in 2007 under the initiative of the Streit family with the intention to develop actions in the areas of the world where DELFINGEN is present.

These actions are based on four pillars: health, education, decent housing and, since 2017, accommodating for disabilities. These four directions are aimed at DELFINGEN coworkers and their families in order to help individuals gain access to a dignified life, to become more self-reliant and take their destiny in their own hands.

The Foundation’s concrete actions throughout the world:


  • Vision screening and supply of eyeglasses for school children mainly in Mexico, Romania, the Philippines and India.
  • Vaccination against major pandemics in countries where the cost of such vaccinations is not covered by the state. Every year 200 to 300 children receive vaccines against diseases such as hepatitis A and B, typhoid or papilloma virus.

All health actions are carried out in accordance with local regulations and the World Health Organization.


  • Purchase, collection and distribution of school supplies and books for over 500 children throughout the world.
  • Scholarships (USA, the Philippines, Romania).

Access to decent housing:

  • Rebuilding program after typhoon destructions in the Philippines in 2013.
  • Renovation and construction of decent housing.

Accommodating for disabilities:

  • For people with disabilities (coworker, spouse and/or children): identifying and funding the type of accommodation required to improve everyday life and autonomy.

One-time financial assistance :

  • For the start-up of an economic activity through microcredit schemes.
  • For urgent health issues.


Endowment fund :

An endowment fund was created to enable fundraising from sources outside of the company. If you are a friend, a customer or a supplier and wish to support our actions, you can do so through the DELFINGEN Fund that will transfer 100% of the donations to DELFINGEN Foundation. Do not hesitate to contact one of the persons listed below for more information.


DELFINGEN Foundation contacts:

Europe: Ms. Flora Caburet
+33 3 81 90 73 00

Americas: M. Mark Blanke
+1 248 230 3480

Asia: M. Pierre Le Moel
+66 9 839 879 59