Our growth and international development have always been underpinned by the deepest respect of the individual. As an international corporation, DELFINGEN is committed to acting towards inclusive globalization. And as an industrial corporation, DELFINGEN is active in the preservation of the environment.

Our Decent Work Charter

Consistent with its values, DELFINGEN is respectful of human rights and thus strives to provide a work environment where each co-worker can find professional and personal fulfilment. Because of this, all of our colleagues, strong in their uniqueness, can develop and use their talents.

charte travail decent


DELFINGEN Foundation

Our Foundation’s mission consists in helping people develop a greater self-determined life by facilitating access to health care, education and decent housing as well as contributing to accommodating for disabilities.

Our Foundation truly links our company, our co-workers and the areas of the world where we work.

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Respect of the environment

There can be no sustainability without the determination to limit the ecological footprint of our activities. As processors of plastics, we integrate the environmental dimension in our processes from design to manufacturing and up to product end-of-life management.

This engagement is marked by an awareness-raising approach with all of our co-workers to ensure they are sensitive to the environmental impact of their daily actions. Through this, our corporate social responsibility has become a collective commitment.


Our ethical commitment