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Quality and Environment


Quality is an essential requirement of car manufacturers and OEMs alike. The quality system implemented at DELFINGEN is more than just a set of methods and tools, it is firmly anchored in the corporate culture. Indeed, the company's approach to Quality is included in the Values shared by all the Group's workforce.

In fact, it is not merely a matter of complying with a set of normative rules, but energizing the quality management system by focusing all the company's activities on meeting the requirements and expectations of both internal and external customers. The involvement of the workforce is therefore an essential component. The continuous improvement of the processes, methods and organization contributes to reducing quality incidents. However, DELFINGEN is also committed to dealing
as quickly and efficiently as possible with any problems that do arise. Our teams are trained in the QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) and 8D methods of effective problem solving. Their response will go as far down the chain as necessary and include a multidisciplinary dimension (maintenance, Supply Chain).

Capitalizing on lessons and transverse exchange are fundamental steps in 8D and they enable DELFINGEN to serve customers worldwide with appropriate responses to their demands.



- Continue our sites certification
- Save natural resources by limiting waste, water spill, and saving energy
- Reduce our activity impact on water, air, noise, safety, soil.
- Meet all environment regulation and other environment expectations
- Reduce waste, favour re-use and recycling
- Preserve human health

Developing new products with materials having the lowest impact on the environment, while fulfilling our customer's expectations 

Quality indicateurs