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Human Resources Policy


Co-workers are DELFINGEN's premier asset. Before strategies, technologies and products, it is the people who make the difference.


The business world is more uncertain than ever and moving at a faster pace. In this context, DELFINGEN adapts its human resource practices in constant search for excellence through continuous improvement. DELFINGEN is a flexible company whose driving force is the men and women who make up its first wealth.

- To enable our skills and know-how to evolve with the market requirements and at the same time secure our co-workers' careers
- To attract new talents and allow them to develop, in all areas of the company
- To associate the whole of the workforce to the results of the company's performance, as a fair reward of their efforts
- To stimulate commitment and enthusiasm by presenting an ambitious corporate project so that the co-workers can be proud of their company and feel confident in the future.

The men and women at DELFINGEN are simultaneously autonomous, responsible and dependent upon one another. This rich relationship fosters an effective organization. DELFINGEN has introduced a process that gives substance to this relationship. This process is called RISE (Reunions to Inform, Suggest and Exchange).

These are far more than the usual operational meetings. Through specific work sessions, they are the opportunity to create bonds with coworkers from other countries, enriched by a better knowledge of oneself and of others. Meetings and work groups are organized with outstanding speakers giving co-workers the opportunity to grow individually and as a team on the deeper meaning of true human relations. Among the past speakers were: a writer, a special consultant to the president of the International Labor Office, a mentalistillusionist, a former member of France's elite SWAT team, a paleoanthropologist, a mountain guide, an orchestra conductor.

Delfingen Human Resources