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We have started since 2007 a vaccination campaign in Philippines and Honduras. This campaign was mainly towards children.

They received shots against hepatitis A and B, typhoid and meningitis.


21 young girls are currently receiving vaccinations against cervical cancer.

We have already given vaccination to 94 children.


Sight screening

Having sight deficiencies for a child can be the starting point of education difficulties in understanding, reading and writing.

We have organized a large sight screening campaign in Romania and in Mexico and we have offered glasses for the children who needed them.

This program has benefit 49 kids in 2009.

A 10 years old boy from Romania was able to benefit from an eyelid surgery in a French hospital in Nancy. Previously he had undergone 2 surgeries in his country without success.

Today, his vision is good. All the expenses were covered by the foundation.

Drawing from Nicolas
Drawing from Nicolas