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Valeurs - Responsabilité

Motives and goals                                            

The foundation was created in 2007, initiated by the Streit family, with the goal for Delfingen, to take action in the territories where the Group has settled.

The Foundation mission is to create conditions for a dignified life and to promote the capacity for everyone to take one's destiny in hand, by way if access to:

  • Medical health-care

  • Education

  • Decent housing

The actions of the Foundation provide a real link between the Delfingen Group, is co-workers and the territories, with the vision to implement durable solutions that can help everyone become more and more self-sufficient.

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Relation to Delfingen Group                           

The creation of the Foundation is part of the action of the Delfingen Group, within the frame of social responsibility, of a citizen company, in a global economy:

Real actions                                                               


  • Eyesight testing and amblyopia*
  • Vaccination campaigns in accordance with the local recommendations and the World Health Organization

* Amblyopia: «a disorder of the visual system that is characterized by a vision defficiency in an eye that is otherwise physically normal». It affects 1 to 5% of the population, set after the age of 3.


  • Purchase and collection of school supplies and books
  • Sholarships for high-school studies (USA, Philippines, Romaniae)

MICROCREDIT solutions for:                       

  • Housing improvement and building decent housing
  • Funding and start up a small business to create a self-sustaining job
  • Emergency health issues
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