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Valeurs - Responsabilité

10th anniversary!                                

In 2017, the Foundation celebrates its 10 years of existence. 10 years ago, DELFINGEN thought about:

  • the reasons why the globalization of the company was going so fast,

  • the advantages and inconveniences that came from it,

  • the actions that we could manage and that, very humbly, would lead to increase the benefits of globalization and moderate the disadvantages.

The Foundation was born from these thinkings. On the context of this 10th anniversary, DELFINGEN starts working on mental and physical disabilities that affect his colleagues' family. Disability will be the 4th pillar of his Foundation.

Motives and goals                                            

The Foundation was created in 2007, initiated by the Streit family, his mission is to help individuals become more autonomous thanks to the access to health care, education and decent housing. The DELFINGEN Foundation was created from a will to take action in the areas where the Group is located.

The scope of action of the Foundation is: 

  • health of the co-workers and their families

  • children's education

  • decent housing

It also brings one-off help to co-workers in difficulty (death in the family, need for surgery …) and in case of natural disasters. 

The Foundation is a real link between the Group, its coworkers and the areas where they live and work. It strives to develop sustainable solutions that will help individuals become more autonomous. 

Every year, 1% of DELFINGEN net profit is given to the Foundation. 

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Relation to DELFINGEN Group                        

The creation of the Foundation is part of the action of the DELFINGEN Group, within the frame of social responsibility, of a citizen company, in a global economy:

Real actions                                                      


  • Eyesight tests and amblyopia*, buying of glasses for schoolchildren, mainly in Mexico and Romania
  • Vaccination campaigns against the main pandemics in countries where it is not carried out by the government. Between 200 and 300 children (depending of the year) get vaccines against hepatitis A and B, typhoid and papillomavirus.
    In accordance with the local recommendations and the World Health Organization

* Amblyopia: «a disorder of the visual system that is characterized by a vision defficiency in an eye that is otherwise physically normal». It affects 1 to 5% of the population, set after the age of 3.


  • Annual purchasing and distribution of school supplies for around 500 children in every country
  • Scholarship for highschool (USA, Philippines, Romania)

MICROCREDIT solutions for:                       

  • Reconstruction program after the typhoon of 2013, in Philippines
  • Housing improvement and building decent housing
  • Funding and start up a small business to create a self-sustaining job
  • Emergency health issues
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DELFINGEN FUND - Donations                                                                                                  

An endowment fund has been created in order to enable to enlarge the donations beyond DELFINGEN co-workers. If friends, partners, customers, suppliers, want to take part in our action, they can do it by a donation to DELFINGEN fund. Funds will be entirely given to the Foundation. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the persons mentioned below to get more information or please go to the link below to make a donation.


Europe area:

Mrs. Flora Caburet
+33 3 81 90 73 00


Mr. Mark Blanke
+1 248 230 3480

Asia area:

Mr. Pierre Le Moel
+66 9 839 879 59

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