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Actions towards Child education

School furniture

The city of Offemont (France) donated school furniture to the foundation (tables, benches and blackboards).

The shipment of all this equipment has been offered by the company MORY.

The directors of Saciile and Strejnicof schools in Romania in the vicinity of our Ploïesti plant are very thankful.

School supplies

Each year we organize a collection of office supplies in order to help our colleagues in Honduras and Romania

The children's parents often need credit for the purchase of school supplies and books in these countries.


Collection and distribution of school supplies for Honduras

Comments from a US co-worker :

"I believe everyone involved would agree that the experience felt much like a family endeavour. The El Paso HR office looked somewhat like Christmas time, with all the packages collected into piles. We looked over all the donations from Texas, New York and Michigan, happily agreeing that what have been collected far exceeded what was related to us as necessary. Everyone welcomed the opportunity to participate to this cause." Ray Ornberg (Site in Texas)

Purchasing and distribution of school supplies in the Philippines

The CAGEA, collected the list of each children's required school supplies. It took also care of the purchasing and distribution.

A story from the Philippines:

"...Thank you so much for your financial assistance for my mother's eye surgery. This prevented her from going blind..."