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Global industrial organization

DELFINGEN applies its credo of operational excellence at every stage of its organization, and is intent on sharing this mindset not only with all co-workers but also with customers.



Global, because its worldwide reach enables DELFINGEN to serve the customer wherever its needs are with the same level of quality and excellence; local, because with its bases close to OEMs, car manufacturers and manufacturers, DELFINGEN is able to provide local, customized solutions.

Philippines site

Close to its customers
With 35 units in 19 countries, DELFINGEN is present in all the main automotive production centers around the world. DELFINGEN's production and assembly plants are located close to its customers' plants, enabling it to provide just-in-time deliveries, with very short lead times after receipt of the order.

Responsiveness and involvement
Beyond the physical proximity of our plants, close cooperation with our customers' teams, a constant desire to serve them ever better, the standardization of our production facilities and methods have enabled us to provide a service capable of adapting in real time to customers' needs, particularly in emergencies.

Continuous improvement
Continuous Improvement is at the heart of how DELFINGEN works. The Continuous Improvement Plan is implemented in all our sites, and is carried out by all the Performance departments using the same methods, improving the efficiency and performance of Delfingen Industry's internal processes and optimizing QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) and responsiveness for the customer.

TECS - Technical Expertise Centers



DELFINGEN has set up 3 technical expertise centers (TEC), one for each of its activities:
- plastics processing (extrusion, injection molding, knitting...),
- braiding and coating,
- assembly technologies, respectively based in Anteuil (France), Niagara Falls (USA) and Porto (Portugal).

The TECs are platforms which combine a production plant with R&D centers, production engineering and industrialization departments, prototyping and test resources and professional training centers.

The production plants at the TECs are particularly dedicated to the products with a high technological content requiring specific equipment or to launching products which will then go on to be produced on several of the Group's other sites.

The TEC teams also provide support for other units in the Group. The TECs therefore represent a concentration of resources and skills that enable us to develop and get products and processes into production more rapidly and more effectively before they are transferred to other plants.


The capacity to deliver the right product to a customer, in the right place and on a just-in-time basis is a critical advantage and a key differentiating factor. Thanks to efficient management of the supply chain, DELFINGEN is able to reduce its costs while at the same time improving service.

The Supply Chain Performance Department integrates the skills and know-how related to the management of the whole of the supply chain process:
- from procurement planning to customer
delivery calls,
- inventory management,
- data management,
- sourcing,
- and supplier relationship management.

Supply  Chain

DELFINGEN adapts its organization in order to improve its process and offer its customers a better service. Which is why Delfingen Industry has set up its own Logistics hub, enabling it in particular to rationalize inter-plant flows in the "EAAS" region (Europe, Africa, South America).

Located in Anteuil (France), this hub has all the skills and resources of the Supply Chain Performance teams at its disposal.

Well aware of the impact of supply chain activities on the environment, DELFINGEN is updating its indicators (KPIs) and intends to include, alongside the financial indicators (transport costs, storage costs) and operational indicators (inventory levels, on-time deliveries, lead time), new indicators such as a measurement of its carbon footprint.