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Innovation, creativity and development

Innovation is a major concern at DELFINGEN, which has based its development strategy on the diversification of its portfolio of products and technologies.



To boost its growth, DELFINGEN has invested heavily in improving the technical sophistication of its products and in optimizing its production processes, particularly the knitting of textile sleeves (VPS), vertical and multilayer extrusion (VFTS), the braiding and coating of silicone sleeves (ETIS) and the efficiency of assembly processes (ATS).


R&D is organized into skills areas:
- plastics processing,
- braiding & coating,
- assembly technologies.

Innovation is managed by the R&D performance department based on methods that combine creativity, added customer value and cost control. Innovation Meetings constitute a genuine think-tank. Creativity, inventing solutions, goes beyond the usual scope of R&D: it is the result of confronting ideas from the marketing, sales and industrialization teams.

DELFINGEN improves its innovation process by striving to:
- reduce the new product/process development cycle time;
- validate the technical and economic relevance of every innovation project at every stage, from the initial idea through to commercial production.

The development of partnerships with engineering schools helps to foster a wider knowledge base. The R&D Performance department is based in Anteuil (France) with offshoots in Lever (Portugal), Cebu (Philippines) and Troy (USA), which are in close contact with both our customers and our Technical Expertise Centers (TECs).


The desire to anticipate and satisfy customers' needs is what guides the work and reflections of DELFINGEN's innovation groups.

Areas where we aim to innovate include:
- reduction of the weight of our products,
- simplification of production processes: to improve the efficiency of customers' production facilities,
- reduction in the number of components: to optimize the management of flows and inventories,
- contribution to the protection of the environment: to reduce the ecological footprint of our products and improve recyclability,
- improvement of the technical characteristics of our products: to meet customer specifications.

Research Department


Co-development of products and processes with the customer is a key factor in the success of any new product launch. Shared objectives and mutual enrichment by sharing new knowledge also play a major role in the success of any new project.

Having our teams work closely alongside those of our customers and long-term commitments make for stronger cooperation. The quality of our relations with customers and the recognized skills of our teams contribute to the achievement of joint objectives.