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Corporate Governance

DELFINGEN started as a family company. With its growth, it has implemented a governance system that warrants: shareholding stability, a decision-making process that respects the shared interests of the business, the shareholders and the co-workers and effective and performing steering of the company.


The Board of Directors establishes strategic guidelines for the Group and ensures that they are implemented by the Steering Committee. Over fifteen years ago, when the Group was listed on the stock exchange, the Streit family chose to open the Board to independent members.


The diversity of their backgrounds and experience contributes to enriching the Board's discussions and exchanges.

The Board is made up of 4 representatives of the Streit family and 6 other Directors, 4 of whom are considered independent as defined by the Corporate Governance Code of the AMF (French financial markets authority).


The Streit family, founder of the DELFINGEN Group, is the shareholder, directly or indirectly controlling more than 2/3 of the voting rights. Organizational measures were taken in 2007 to maintain the family shareholding in the hands of Gérald and David Streit, the sons of Bernard Streit.